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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pass the Sherry, Cherie

Janet Groene’s
Sherry Chicken 
The gravy is to die for. This carefree dish cooks on the stove top and warms up beautifully in the microwave, so don’t hesitate to make the full, six-serving batch even if you’re just cooking for two. Serve it with jasmine rice tonight, noodles tomorrow. 
How to cook rice without getting another pan dirty? Form a bowl out of foil and float it atop three inches of water in a saucepan. In the “bowl” place a cup of raw white rice and a cup of water. Bring pan to a boil, cover, and keep at a lively simmer over low heat 30 minutes or until rice is perfectly steamed. 
Remove foil and spoon rice out of the foil. Nothing remains in the pan but clean, hot water. Why does this work? Rice is usually cooked at the ratio of two cups water to one cup raw rice. When cooked this way, it gets the extra moisture it needs from the steam. Makes 2 cups cooked  rice.  

½ stick butter
6 portions boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 cups sliced mushrooms
2 cans condensed cream of mushroom soup OR
1 can cream of mushroom, 1 can cream of chicken
1 cup sour cream
1 cup cooking sherry

Brown chicken in melted butter, gradually adding mushrooms to brown them too. In a bowl whisk soup, sour cream and sherry. Pour over chicken, cover and cook over low-medium heat until chicken tests done at 170 degrees F. Serve with a starch such as rice, noodles, potato or toast. Serves 6. 

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1 comment:

Robin said...

This recipe sounds like a good one for a hot pot, such as the Instant Pot! I wonder what the cooking time would need to be? Any hot pot experts out there to do the conversion, please? :)

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