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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Easy Desserts to Cut Sugar

Janet Groene’s Low Sugar Desserts

     I climb on a soap box when readers clamor for sugar-free dessert recipes. It isn’t always the sugar. Sometimes it’s the carbs and fats that turn a “sugar-free” dessert into a speed trap for people who are watching their glucose readings. A slab of sugar-free pie can contain enough lard to clog every arterial cloverleaf in your body. A “serving” of sugar-free fudge may be no larger than the fingernail on your pinkie.  “Sugar-free” may also mean chemical dyes, preservatives and artificial sweeteners that make doctors cringe.  

     There is no substitute for reading labels, measuring ingredients and adhering strictly to the “serving size” specified in the recipe or on the label. That said, here are some ways to cut down on carbs, calories and refined sugars. 

 * Poach fresh pear halves in red wine or no-sugar-added grape juice. Drain and fill the cavity with a half teaspoon of low-sugar strawberry preserves. Serve warm drizzled with a teaspoon of heavy cream.  

 * Make popsicles with fruit juice, diet fruit-flavored soda or with KoolAid sweetened with a non-nutritive sweetener.

 * Keep cake servings small. Instead of frosting, serve with fruited yogurt, sugar-free pancake syrup, pureed fruit or lightly sweetened real whipped cream instead of frosting. 

 * Make a root beer float with low-sugar ice cream and diet root beer.  

 * Design pretty parfaits using sugar-free puddings and gelatins. Add texture with a light sprinkling of finely chopped nuts or cookie or graham cracker crumbs between layers. Finish with a tiny spritz of “lite” whipped cream. 

 * Fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Then add a tablespoon of lemonade or limeade concentrate and a straw.

  * Tres elegant! Try the French habit of serving cheeses for dessert instead of sweets.
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1 comment:

Dann Gravett said...

Its happening right now to the current post-50's Type 2 diabetic generation. Sugars, fats, carbs...we must learn to cook better for our own health. Be sure you know your A1C and meds you take.
You've got to change your food cravings and snack desires and the choices we grew up with are bad to eat for almost all of us. Start studying by researching the problem.

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