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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Say Cheese!

Janet Groene’s 
Quick Cheesecake Pie

When you have packaged graham cracker crusts in the pantry, gourmet desserts are just one step away. This cheesecake is lighter than the baked version, requires no oven time and it's easily garnished with fresh strawberries or a drizzle of caramel ice cream topping. Variations: use 2 teaspoons vanilla, or one vanilla and one almond. 

Graham cracker pie shell
8-ounce brick of cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring 
1 teaspoon lemon flavoring
1 cup sour cream
8-ounce tub of whipped topping

Chill the crust. Soften cream cheese by nuking a few seconds. Stir in sugar, sour cream and flavorings until smooth. Fold in whipped topping. Put in the crust and chill at 3 to 4 hours. Makes 6 slices. 

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