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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Super Quick, Super Tasty

Janet Groene's
Onion Dip Biscuits

We've probably all tried the old recipe for refrigerator biscuits dipped in onion soup mix. This one is almost as easy, twice as good, and 100% homemade in looks, texture and taste. Serve them hot with butter, herb butter, cream cheese or Cheez Whiz.  Just add a mug of soup and supper is served.
4 cups biscuit mix
½ cup milk
16-ounce carton (2 cups) French onion dip

    Set the oven for 450 degrees. Mix ingredients to form a soft dough and drop by the heaping tablespoon onto greased cookie sheets. When they are toasty brown in 10-12 minutes, pile them into a napkin-lined basket and keep warm or reheat. Makes 12 to 15 big biscuits.

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electricbuzz said...

There is no easy way to print these recipes without printing everything else on the page.

Brewjaz said...

Simply copy just the recipe part and paste into a text program (Word, Notebook, etc.) and print from there.

Diane McGovern said...

Or possibly do a "screenshot" of the recipe and print it? (If you have that feature.) Diane at

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