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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And That's a Wrap!

Janet Groene’s
Roundhouse Wraps

    Make the rice filling ahead and keep it cold, then wrap in tortillas and serve lunch in the cockpit or on the beach.

2 ½ cups cooked rice
Small can sliced ripe olives, well drained
½ cup Italian dressing
2 medium roma tomatoes, diced and drained
16 thin slices deli roast beef
8 burrito-size flour tortillas
8 pieces leaf lettuce

Combine rice, olives, dressing and tomatoes and chill until serving time. To proceed, lay out tortillas and use a draining spoon to spread tortillas with the rice mixture, two slices roast beef and a leaf of lettuce. Fold burrito style. Makes 8 wraps.  

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