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Sunday, February 1, 2009

RV Cooking Show Goes Green, Eats Healthy

Hello RVTravelers,

This year rather than “new year’s resolutions” I’ve committed to a few “goals” that are most likely the same ones you’ve set for yourself. Chances are we both have pledged to become more aware of how we interact with the planet, to give back to our communities – whether we travel and the entire country is our hometown or we’ve lived in the same neighborhood all of our lives, and to live a healthier, more simple life. You, too, huh?!?

To that end I wanted to begin the new year of RV Cooking Shows supporting these goals. Watch this episode – RV Cooking Show Goes Green, Eats Healthy – and pick up a few eco-friendly RV tips – maybe you live them, maybe you’ll learn something. After that we prepare a satisfying, good for you, and easy dish – Steamed Potstickers and Veggies with two sensational dipping sauces.

Enjoying this delicious meal feeds my body and my soul! Let me know if you feel the same way.

Happy camping!


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