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Friday, January 18, 2008

RV Cooking Show - The Beautiful Maine Coast and New England Fish Chowder

Well, RV Travelers, the holidays are over and the cool weather chill has settled in. What better time for my comforting and delish New England Fish Chowder? This recipe is as authentic as it gets - straight from a Maine captain's wife! And while we're together we'll take a virtual RV Cooking Show visit along the beautiful coast of Maine. might fall in love!!

Hey, did you notice? My video has a new look...what do you think? Let me know - I love your feedback!



Peggy said...

Hello! I loved your show! since I have never seen others I have nothing to compare it to but I certainly enjoyed this one. With all the interest in cooking these days I wondered if there was anyone doing something like this. I love how you combined cooking with RV-ing. have you submitted a tape of your show to the cooking channel? You should. Your show would be a great addition to their lineup. Continued success.
Peggy Mills
Southern California

Evanne Schmarder said...


You are so kind!! Thank you for that!! I'm delighted you enjoy the show - I know I love doing it (and my husband loves filming - he gets to eat each take). I try to get better every episode and I hope it shows. As far as the cooking channel - from your lips (or fingertips, in this instance) to God's ear.

Keep on watching and I'll keep on cooking...

My best,


Rosemarie said...

Just watched the Fish Chowder video and really enjoyed it. I was thinking the same thoughts as the previous commenter, Peggy. I watch Food Network all the time and your show would be a unique feature. You have a very good presentation style.

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