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Sunday, July 8, 2007

The RV Cooking Show: Easy Guaucamole

Full-time RVer Evanne Schmarder shows you how to make easy, delicious guaucamole - direct from her fifth wheel kitchen in sunny Tucson, Arizona (for now) on this first episode of the RV Cooking Show! (we hope she does more!).


mickey malone said...

Thanks for the tips.

To keep guacamole from getting dark place the pit in the mixture until just before you serve it.

Louise said...

Thanks, Evanne, for your 1st RV cooking show. Great job!!! You could be on television!! :) I definitely will be making the guaucamole. Mmmmmm

Jan said...

Yummy stuff LGE....Marco...We are in Arizona

Michael said...

So, where's the lime (or lemon) juice? I've lived in the southwest most of my 65 years and have spent a lot of time in Mexico and have never seen guacamole without lime or lemon juice.

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