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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Save space in your RV with stacking spice containers

By Eric Brotman
This cleverly designed spice and herb container is inexpensive, looks good, and stacks one atop the other to take up minimal space in your RV kitchen’s cupboard.

Each container stands 3” high, has a diameter of 2.75 inches, and is made of brushed stainless steel that weighs about 4 oz. Its holding capacity is 6 fluid oz.

My one complaint is that the holes on the shaker tab are too large for finely ground herbs and spices --- although they work well for pouring sugar or leafy herbs like oregano.

I’ve solved the problem by simply placing a little masking tape on the underside of the shaker tab (with sticky side facing upwards to prevent the contents from adhering). You can do the same to block as many or as few holes as you wish.

I don’t mind having to make that small modification, because the product is so convenient in every other way. And the price? At this writing, a single container costs just $ 1.49(!), before tax and shipping.

The well on the bottom of each container saves an inch in stacking height as a result of the overlap. So three stacked containers stand about 7” high.

The Endurance Tower Spice Cans are available from (phone #: 1-866-716-2433). Tip: the Web site home page doesn’t list a spice section, so just put the word “Tower” into their search field.

See a demonstration of the space containers below.

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