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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Keep kitchen in mind when selecting an RV

By Chuck Woodbury
I recently spent two weeks traveling in a 1997, 21-foot Born Free Class C motorhome. It's not mine, but a friend's. Frankly, I'm glad it's not mine because the kitchen design is wacko! Granted, this is not a big rig where the purpose is full time living. But, with its reputation for quality, I would have expected a more intelligent kitchen design from Born Free. The major problem is the stove. It has only two burners, both beneath the built-in microvave -- one in front that is easy to get to, and the other toward the wall where it's a challenge to reach back and below the microwave when the front burner is going: It would be very easy to burn your hand doing so. Frankly, I found using this kitchen to prepare a meal to be more of a struggle than a pleasure. My point is that if you enjoy cooking, be sure to buy an RV where the kitchen is designed intelligently. Otherwise, you may find the preparation of a hot meal more trouble than it's worth.


snowhawkwoman said...

The 2 biggest things I see over and over again (even in the big rigs) is "lack of counter space" - which you need for prep work and lack of convenient electrical outlets (some are actually installed on the bottom of the upper cabinets - which no coffee pot or toaster cord can reach without sitting the items on a box!) One assumes that the RV designers think all RVer's either cook out over a campfire or go to restaurants. Now if we could just get the designers to do away with the horrid fabric choices in the sofas and bed coverings and fix the kitchens.......awww.....perfect RVs!

McKinley said...

Counter space is the most important part of a kitchen, if you plan to cook. When we were looking for our 5th wheel, we sat in several and tried to feature ourselves using the camper at a campground. My husband was leaning toward a 27 foot camper until I pointed out that the 25 foot had much more counter space, and a breakfast bar.. Rear lounge area with picture window to face the view... We wouldn't trade our "small" 5th Wheel for a larger one until they make one with lots of counter space...

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